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Marble Blast Mods Creator Suite

Marble Blast Mods creator and editor
by Mato Programs

Marble Blast Mods Creator Suite contains:
  • Marble Blast Mods Creator
  • Marble Blast Mods Creator Documentation
  • Marble Blast Mods Manager
  • Huechanger
  • FullScreenImage (Standalone)

Marble Blast Mods Creator (MBMC) helps you to create your own Marble Blast Mod!
MBMC is little, size less than 5Mb*, and is written in C#.

You need the full version of Marble Blast ( to install MBMC!!!

For documentation go here:


Current Version is: 0.2.2 Released 0.2.3 Developing
Current progress: 100%

Official site with great content

For news visit youtube channal


I'm looking for someone who wants to work with me in this program and someone who has made support for mac.

*Only program, not MB or extensions.

Links & Resources

Marble Blast HomePage
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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